Memory bitmap help

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Memory bitmap help

Post by ARISTOS » Sat Jun 10, 2017 3:03 pm

In tutorial 17 Mike code sais:

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//! size of physical memory
static	uint32_t	_mmngr_memory_size=0;
//! number of blocks currently in use
static	uint32_t	_mmngr_used_blocks=0;
//! maximum number of available memory blocks
static	uint32_t	_mmngr_max_blocks=0;
//! memory map bit array. Each bit represents a memory block
static	uint32_t*	_mmngr_memory_map= 0;
At the last line the pointer to bitmap points to the address 0.
Is this correct? I am asking because the address 0 is using by the bios. (I mean If I write to it,may I have a problem or not ?)

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