Graphics Modes and basic drawing:

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Graphics Modes and basic drawing:

Post by linuxfreak » Wed Dec 28, 2011 8:31 pm

Hello all...

Please i need urgent help! I may be bringing up something that has already been discused.

A while ago, my friend and i decided to do the whole os thing. He was in charge of the basic video development - meaning graphics programming and drawing. Like i have mentioned in a previous post, my(our) os has a basic windowing system and a basic graphics library. But alas the code he wrote was overly complicated and bugged, not to mention that it had weird and cryptic names for functions. He did not document his code and its not understandable - in any case;

My question is, how to you switch to mode 12h or similar. I am asking because i want to redo the graphics library because its not working properly. I also need to know how to draw basic shapes like rectangles and sircles(harder to do), also if someone can point me in an direction for how to load and render bitmaps in mode 12h.

Please do not expect me to be able to post code because im using my cell phone as an source of internet...

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