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Post by GhostXoP_Development » Mon Jun 21, 2010 2:50 am

Hello, i just joined and am interested in helping with the neptune operating system development project, as well with the 3-d graphics engine project.

I am a software engineer, in the gaming, and os development fields and i know C++, Assembly, and looking into C now, knowing that neptune is developed in it.

I have learned the basics of open gl and little direct x. (but when you get to know programming languages its like learning, how to do something, and when your learning a language on a programing language (open gl, or direct x) it is like learning vocabulary words.

I have developed a very small and basic operating system in Fasm assembly, and had a tui window system.. untill i reformatted my computer... but i had other plans. I then went on to learning and developing a open gl engine of my own, and still have it in mind. But came across Mikes graphics engine and am going to look into helping with it. I figure what better to build my own and learn the hard way, or, help with one, and learn as i go?

Im not a member who will post a message then dissapear. ill be here to help ;)
You have me for all of my free time in my summer, note, thats when i have free time (maybe 2/4ths the time)
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