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New Music

Post by jcmusic » Thu Jan 07, 2010 6:49 am

Hey everyone,

Over the holidays, the company I buy my sound libraries from had a HUGE 3-in-1 holiday special, and so I bought $2,000 worth of software for $550 :))). Included in the three is one called "Ra" which has TONS of rare and ethnic instruments from seven different regions of the world. They are extremely high quality and well produced. I will be using a good number of these in upcoming compositions for DoE, to give it that ethnic flair.

I am currently composing a piece for the DEMO that we are all working on. It can also be used for the game of course. It has been SO hard not to upload what I've got already. I would like to finish it before you all hear it. The quality is....breathtaking. I am very, very pleased with it!

Also, this is my last week here at home. I am leaving for college for... oh... the third time now lol; I will be traveling to Natchitoches, Louisiana to continue my collegiate career as a Music Education major at Northwestern State University. I will likely be there for 2 and a half to 3 years, depending on the number of Education courses I must take. While there, I will likely be extremely busy. But I will still try to find time to write music here and there.

Best wishes to everyone! Keep up the excellent work! :) I will be at the meeting this Saturday, in my new dorm/apartment :)
I will get that music out as soon as I finish! :)
Justin K. Cox
DoE Lead Composer

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