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It's Finished!

Posted: Thu Feb 04, 2010 5:36 am
by jcmusic
I have finished the newest piece I've been working on; the one most of you heard last week. Check out the SVN. Right now it is called "DoE_Untitled". I hope you guys like it! The electronic recording is a bit rough with some elements of the music, but when we rehearse this and perform it live in a few weeks, everything should hopefully work out.

While listening to this piece, pay close attention to the main melody (strings at 1:30), and see how many times and different ways you here it. =) It's just something to keep your brain active while listening. ^_^

TBQ! Hurry up and listen to this! I need you to help me come up with a name for this piece. I want the name to resemble something about either the nature of this piece, the region of the game the piece is in, both, or something else. I just need something to name it. I'm trying to get this up on my site asap, because it is a good way to advertise not only my music, but also the game as well.

Enjoy! Comments about the music are highly's what I live for. =)

Re: It's Finished!

Posted: Thu Feb 04, 2010 2:51 pm
by TBQ
Yes Massa, listening now Massa, please don't beat me Massa!

Re: It's Finished!

Posted: Thu Feb 04, 2010 3:23 pm
by TBQ
First off, Justin, it's wonderful.

I still strongly agree that it should be used as the main 'theme' for the cinematic and advertisement trailer. It's too beautiful to not give it justice with a CGI. Just imagine, that piece playing as the camera pans through the frozen northlands of Eveh, to the rich forests, towering mountainscapes, mythical cities...

There's something about it that doesn't just capture one land. It seems to capture a dozen different ones - we've a heavy, slow melody at the start, building suspense, a light-hearted tune in the middle, a soft, gentle one towards the end...edging again towards something that could almost be a lullaby. The ending is a definite 'conclusion' - as if we've closed the book on the story, and now we're ready for the adventure.

EDIT: Hah. Now I can't stop listening to this piece without imagining an orchestra playing it in the Lothmarii Castle for the Queen. XD

I don't think this piece could be done justice playing in a region - most people will turn their sound off while playing a game, to listen to their own music, but playing this in the advertisement trailer/opening cinematic upon a new game would mean everyone would get a chance to hear it.

But, that is your final decision. You created this piece, and only you know where it can be placed to give it justice.


* Destinies of Eveh (Opening Cinematic)

* Ascension to Avënor (Avënor would be the equivalent of the Garden of Eden (I just wrote Eveh instead of Eden there XD). The opening of the piece sounds very much like its rising towards something, whereas the ending sounds very peaceful, much like what I imagine paradise to be.)

And I remember you mentioning something about a waterfall - there is one place, with a magnificent waterfall and a small river full of kelpies and fey and water dragons. Children often wander there to play with the creatures - they are unharmed. The creatures themselves are only viewable to children, as is Torion, so a lot of parents/adults see no harm in letting children play down at the river.

* Torion's Serenade

(Bit of background, Torion is a centaur, a patron of music, actually, who wanders the forest playing his harp or flute whenever it suits him. I imagine him sitting by the small river, surrounded by little pairs of ears belonging to children, fey dragons, river spirits etc. all cross legged, listening intently as the ending of that song is played, and him strumming it gently.)

Re: It's Finished!

Posted: Fri Feb 05, 2010 5:18 am
by jcmusic
I like your idea about this piece being featured in the advertisement/trailer for DoE! :) And the location that you mentioned (with the Fey dragons, etc) is perfect!
I like the name "Ascension to Avënor," I think it is perfectly fitting. Thanks for the idea, I will post the piece on my website now.
If anybody else has comments, please let me know!