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2d & 3d programming

Posted: Sun Feb 15, 2009 8:54 pm
by djsilence
So. As I see this topic is empty. Let start this one. I use Mike tutorial mixing it with 2d hi-res graphics programming. Maybe, someone wanna say anything? Ha?

Cheers, guys! 8)

Re: 2d & 3d programming

Posted: Mon Feb 01, 2010 9:05 pm
by atc
Maybe, just maybe... :wink:

An operating system graphics API with built in, native 3D rendering. No need for an add-on, external API, or anything else. The OS is just fully 3D-ready right "out the box". 8) Do you realize what that implies?

Re: 2d & 3d programming

Posted: Mon Mar 14, 2011 7:51 am
by roboman
that you are likely programming on the xbox :) you need the external api because nearly every graphics card made for the pc is different from every other card.