tut23 - User Land

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tut23 - User Land

Post by Insightsoft » Tue Jun 07, 2011 12:22 pm


I need a small explanation about this chapter... more about your insight

about running code on user land.. on machine point of view

01) user type 'user'
02) -There is GDT entry 5, pointing to TSS structure
03) -TSS: some fields are pointing to kernel (code and data) with rpl=3
04) -TSS: ss0 and espy are pointing to kernel:stack for (safety return); TR is set (LTR)
05) -There is 2 GDT entries, for user (code and data)
06) -segments are set to use 5)
07) -Artificial stack is builded to use iretd
08) -after iretd the system will be at 0x1b:label (at user land)
09) -...int 0x80
10) An IDT entry that will catch the Dispatcher;
11) Dispatcher get the index that will correspond to one function entry point
12) Execute that function and return...

My question is: what is the correlation with TSS? (since we don't jump or call that particular gdt entry... (we set TR). And setting only ss0 and esp0, living all others fields with '0', works in same way)
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Re: tut23 - User Land

Post by Mike » Fri Jun 10, 2011 7:29 pm


TSS is required when returning from user mode to kernel mode. This is a CPU requirement. Because we dont use the TSS for any other purpose, we only set the required fields used by the CPU when the task switch occurs.

-...during process initialization...
-LTR loads TSS segment into TR;
-CPU caches TSS base and limit into invisible portions of TR;
-...when we enter user mode with IRETD and CPL=3...
-...int 0x80 is executed...
-CPU uses TR information to find TSS;
-CPU loads SS:ESP with kernel mode stack from TSS;
-CPU calls syscall dispatcher

Additional use of the TSS for hardware tasking, PIO, or INT permissions are not used so other fields are unused.

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Re: tut23 - User Land

Post by Insightsoft » Sun Jun 12, 2011 7:01 pm

Thank you Mike...
Think it, build it, bit by bit...

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