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Posted: Tue Jun 17, 2008 8:24 am
by juFo
Some software you might want to use while developing or gathering your ideas:

- VMware
- Microsoft Visio
- MindJet MindManager
- Microsoft Visual Studio

fill the list :)

Posted: Wed Oct 15, 2008 1:07 pm
by Rob_52
i like to use, Notepad++

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Posted: Sun Apr 05, 2009 5:38 am
by codeherd
linux.. :wink:

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Posted: Mon Apr 06, 2009 6:14 am
by Jarvix
I Use:
* Linux (Fedora (Linpus Lite) at the moment)
* Code::Blocks as environment
* GCC for compiling
* NASM for assembly
* LD for linking
* QEMU and Bochs as emulators
* Terminal as commander

On windows, i got:
* Windows Vista 32x (but can have 64x, (intel core 2 quad 64bit)
* Code::Blocks too
* NotePad++ for watching ASM, and hexes (like binaries, it got hexviewer plugin)
* MingW

I work on Linux, and look for information on windows, very easy, with a laptop and PC, and 2 screens.

// PHPnerd

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Posted: Fri Jun 18, 2010 12:10 pm
by halofreak1990
I use:
Cygwin (To compile OpenXDK apps)
NASM (assembly)
NDisasm (disassembly)

Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2005-2008
Crimson Editor (now Emerald Editor, search on Sourceforge if you'd like to know more)
Notepad (yes, I use that one too)


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Posted: Sat Oct 30, 2010 11:10 am
by chibicitiberiu
I use the following software:

*NetBeans and Notepad2 for writing the code
*Windows 98 (really weird, huh?) for building, and putting to floppy (my laptop doesn't have laptop support, so I use virtual pc with win98)
*Batch scripts for building, haven't learned yet to work with makefiles :P
*Crayon and paper for writing down ideas, and stuff.

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Posted: Fri Apr 22, 2011 8:14 pm
by GhostXoP_Development
Windows 7 Ultimate
Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate

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Posted: Sat Apr 23, 2011 6:47 pm
by roboman
The OS is mostly some ver of Windows or Dos, but sometimes one of the hobby os's
Lots of text editors, sometimes notepad, qedit / tse would top the list
FASM sometimes with Fresh or RadASM
GFA basic for right now, but mostly Power basic or QBasic. A little Visual Basic.
Borland Delphi and C are getting a bit to dated so it tends to be Visual C, but not a lot of C lately.