A really big "THANKS!" for the OS dev series!

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A really big "THANKS!" for the OS dev series!

Post by latte » Sat Jan 08, 2011 6:27 am

Hi -

I just wanted to say a really big "thank you" to Mike for the excellent OS dev tutorial series!
Very many thanks too for releasing the code as "public domain"! As I mention in another thread, tutorial code is definitely of most use when it is released as P.D.

On the topic of using code - one of my pet annoyances has always been the "abandoned project" problem. What I mean by that is when you come across a project that has been abandoned for **years**, and yet you can't use the code from it because it has an incompatible license! I had this very problem - I found a cool project on Sourceforge which had not been touched for **over seven years**. It had some great code, but unfortunately it was GPL.

I wrote to the Free Software Foundation and mentioned this, and I suggested that they could look at a "sunset clause" for abandoned GPL projects. In other words, if a GPL project has shown no activity after (say) five years, then the code could revert to being public domain. This sounds fair enough to me, but (to cut a long story short), they declined to take this idea up. Sigh........ :)

Keep up the great work with the OS dev series, and many thanks again!
Bye for now -
- latte

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