Bochs configuration files

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Bochs configuration files

Post by BenBowen » Sat Jan 29, 2011 8:39 pm

Well, I created a file called bochsconfig.txt and my build of Bochs has a "Load" button in a window called "Bochs Start Menu", so I attempted loading it from the windows explore open file dialog -- NOTE: I had to go to the "Files of type" selection and choose "All files (*.*)". Other things I had to to do get it working right:

instead of:
vgaromimage: VGABIOS-lgpl-latest

I put:
vgaromimage: file=VGAVBIOS-lgpl-latest

After I retried, I got another error. Like the Chapter 4 tutorial in OS Development Series explained (in section "Locating the BIOS ROM"), if I get this error I should evaluate 0xFFFFF - <the size of BIOS-bochs-latest>.

I opened "Properties" after right clicking the file, "BIOS-bochs-latest", and found that it was 131,072 bytes. I entered that as decimal into Calculator (in scientific mode) and it came out 2 0000 in hex. Because F FFFF - 2 0000 = D FFFF, I changed:

romimage: file=BIOS-bochs-latest, address=0xf0000

romimage: file=BIOS-bochs-latest, address=0xdffff

However I still get this error. What could I possibly have done wrong?

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