You may verify your consent of your childs registration and use of the Site in accordance our Privacy Policy ( as follows:

I represent and warrant that the information provided below is true and accurate and is provided for the purpose of consenting to my childs registration with the Site. (Please print legibly.)

Parents legal name: ______________________________________

Parents Email address: ___________________________________

Childs screen name: ______________________________________

[this must match the screen name provided by the child at registration, and the email address must match the email address provided by the child at registration]

Parents Signature: ________________________________________

Please submit this form to:
BrokenThorn Entertainment, Co.
Attn: Privacy

NOTE: We are unable to process requests by email unless you attached a digital signature or other digital certificate that uses public key technology to consent via Email. If you do not have a digital signatures that uses public key technology or do not know what that is, please respond by U.S. mail.

Please allow a reasonable time for processing of your consent.

BrokenThorn Entertainment complies with the Childrens Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). For more information on COPPA see:

Information for adults:

Information for kids:


If you are a parent or guardian of a child under age 13, please discuss this Privacy Policy with your child, and general Internet use and safety issues with Your child. It is a good practice for your child never to provide their real name, address or telephone number without Your prior permission when using the Internet.


Children under age 13 may not participate in any activities or services offered on the Site which require registration, including the Message Board, without the prior written consent of a parent or legal guardian. Once BrokenThorn Entertainment has obtained consent from the parent or guardian of a minor, we will only ask the child to provide information that is reasonably necessary for participation in the Sites activities and services.

Any time a child under age 13 registers with the Message Board, or provides Personal Information via the Web site, BrokenThorn Entertainment will send their parent or legal guardian an email containing a Consent Form. You may consent to your child providing Personal Information and/or participating in certain activities and services offered on the Site, by completing and signing the Consent Form, bs mailing the completed form to BrokenThorn Entertainment, Co. No child under age 13 may submit or post Personal Information on or to the Site prior to BrokenThorn Entertainments receipt of a Consent Form which provides verifiable consent of a parent or legal guardian.


The parent or legal guardian who has consented to a child registering with the Site and/or providing Personal Information to the Site may later (a) view the child's Personal Information and correct or remove the information, in whole or in part; (b) instruct BrokenThorn Entertainment to discontinue all use of the childs Personal Information and/or not to communicate further with the child; or (c) revoke or modify the consent, by contacting BrokenThorn Entertainment at and including the childs name and email address and the parent or guardians name and email address, plus any applicable access code provided by BrokenThorn Entertainment.

Children Over Age 12

Children over age 12 may register and participate in activities and services on the Site without the permission of a parent or legal guardian. BrokenThorn Entertainment will use reasonable efforts to respond to requests by parents of children over age 12 regarding their childs use of the Site.